Have you have spent money and time on a plant only to watch it struggle to survive in our hot, dry climate?

Or perhaps, you are relying on your landscaper to know how to care of your landscape the 'right way' only to end up with a yard filled with plants that look like 'green blobs' once they are finished.

Perhaps you are feeling frustrated seeing that for all your efforts, your landscape has fallen far short of what you want.

Sadly, there are few reliable gardening resources for the desert dweller as most websites, magazines, and books tend to overlook the Southwest.

That is why I created my membership program, "Through the Garden Gate" to provide valuable resources for desert-dwellers.

WE MAKE DESERT GARDENING FUN AND EASY. Each month, you enjoy group coaching (from me), a mini-training video, profiles of plants you'll want to grow, a Q&A session, and access to wonderful members who love to share and help each other.

For a limited time, new members get their first 30 days free!


Yes, tell me more!

Current members are learning and putting into practice what they learn each month in their own garden and loving it!


Imagine no longer being frustrated with your landscape and instead having one that you are proud of and adds beauty.

That could be you!

Whether you are brand new to gardening, a new desert resident, or experienced gardener - my membership club is a FUN and EASY way to learn more about gardening in the desert.



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