Have you have spent money and time on a plant only to watch it struggle to survive in our hot, dry climate?

Or perhaps, you are relying on your landscaper to know how to care of your landscape the 'right way' only to end up with a yard filled with plants that look like 'green blobs' once they are finished.

Perhaps you are feeling frustrated seeing that for all your efforts, your landscape has fallen far short of what you want.

Sadly, there are few reliable gardening resources for the desert dweller as most websites, magazines, and books tend to overlook the Southwest.

I have seen first hand the frustration that gardeners in the desert face in my work as a horticulturist and landscape consultant.

So, I did something about it. 

I created a membership club called "THROUGH THE GARDEN GATE" as an affordable resource for desert dwellers who want to learn how to create, grow, and maintain a beautiful outdoor space that thrives in a hot, dry climate.

Current members are learning and putting into practice what they learn each month in their own garden and loving it!


Imagine no longer being frustrated with your landscape and instead having one that you are proud of and adds beauty.

That could be you!

Whether you are brand new to gardening, a new desert resident, or experienced gardener - my membership club is a FUN and EASY way to learn more about gardening in the desert.


In my 20-year career as a horticulturist and landscape consultant, I’ve done it all and made my share of mistakes.

I've put all my experience to use for my members. 

My favorite part of the membership is that I get to know each person and what is going on in their garden.

I get to address their specific problems or concerns. I also have fun offering design advice when asked! 

What this means, is that I enjoy a real relationship with my members, which is so rewarding for both of us!

Did you know that most people think that having a nice landscape is hard and do more work than they need to. For example, did you know that:

- Most desert-adapted plants need no supplemental fertilizer

- Over 90% of homeowners water their plants too often and not deeply enough

- Not all plants sold in your favorite big box store will survive in the desert landscape (so, it’s not always your fault if a plant dies)

- The majority of flowering shrubs and ground covers only need to be pruned twice a year – if done the right way

These are just some of the things that members learn.

Whether you are  new to gardening, a new desert resident, or experienced gardener - this is a fun and easy way to learn more about how to create, grow, and maintain a landscape in the desert.


Your membership includes the following:

  1. Library of training videos, with new content added every month to help you garden confidently.
  1. Plant of the Month and Newsletter spotlighting my favorite plants and monthly garden tasks. 
  2. Exclusive Facebook group for members-only where you will belong to a great community of gardeners. I’ll be there every day and I look forward to seeing you there!
  3. LIVE group coaching from me, via Facebook Live where I answer your gardening questions, offer encouragement, and helpful tips.


**You get all this PLUS group coaching for only $24.99 a month!!!

You can cancel your membership at any time.

Yes, Sign Me Up Now!


You will learn at your own pace and I break it down into simple steps with no fancy garden language.

Ongoing learning – new content is added every month.

A passionate community of beginning, intermediate, and experienced gardeners.

Save money, time, and frustration by avoiding common desert garden mistakes.

Most people over-maintain their plants, fertilizing and pruning too often and I’ll show you how plants need far less maintenance than you’d expect.

You’ll have the knowledge you need to grow and maintain plants without all the stress of trying to figure it out yourself.


Absolutely! No one is born knowing how to garden and no prior experience is needed. This group is a great place to learn and grow as a gardener.

In-depth training in the form of video training, exclusive content in the form of garden video training, detailed plant profiles, newsletter, a members-only Facebook page, and group coaching with me, AZ Plant Lady, via Facebook Live.

The club is open to anyone who is interested in learning how to create, grow, and maintain a garden in the desert. I focus on low-desert gardening for those who live in elevations lower than 3,000 feet in altitude, but members who live in other desert regions can gain helpful information too.

Not at all. Everything is split up into easy to digest sections. The videos are short but informative and the newsletters, and “Plant of the Month” resources are packed with information that takes little time out of your busy life

I’ll be using Facebook Live to talk to the membership group through our Facebook page at pre-scheduled times on a monthly basis. If you can’t watch the video live, you can watch the video, which will be posted on the FB page. You can submit your gardening questions ahead of time too so I can be sure to answer them if you can watch live to ask your question.

We have an online library with all of the videos, “Plant of the Month” pdf’s, and other handouts. Newsletters will be emailed to you monthly. When you join the club, you will be provided with a link to join our private Facebook group as well as information on how to log on into the online library.

What People are Saying

"This is amazing! Getting into your group was a no-brainer. Seriously. But it wasn’t just because it was a brilliant (and easily affordable) idea…but rather because I have gotten so much VALUE from your free Facebook group that I wanted more from you. The paths you already laid from your group and your backlog of blog posts are so powerful. All of what you’ve done before has laid the groundwork for success here. It’s impressive and only the beginning. I’m excited to see where you’ll take it next."

Kara Jordon

"What an excellent resource for newbies to the low desert! So many books and materials on the internet aren’t *really* targeted to the low desert. AZ Plant Lady’s ‘Through the Garden Gate’ membership offers a truly affordable way to get access to targeted information and personal feedback unlike any other resource out there. I have learned more in a month about how to grow my desert garden than I ever could have on my own, and without spending a fortune."

Barbara Lee

So, are you ready to join and learn the “dirt on gardening in the desert?” I’d love to come alongside you on your desert garden journey!


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